Service Request Technology

Smart Service Smarter Profits What is Service Request? ANY situation an employee needs to come to a customer because the customer REQUESTED EMPLOYEE CUSTOMER EMPLOYEE CUSTOMER Why do you need Service Request? When Fully Implemented in Your RestaurantGuaranteed to Increase Revenue & Reduce Costs How Does Service Request Work? Customer touches Smartphone on secure NFC […]

SmartRefill Technology

For ALL Sanitizer Dispensers Show GUESTS that your Hotel is ACTIVELY Protecting Them Hand Sanitizer is the 1st line of Defense against Coronavirus. But it’s useless if that dispenser is EMPTY. How can you consistently Know it is being Checked & Refilled? NFCChip Makes ALL Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Smart. Simply place the label shown, containing […]

CleanTracker Technology

GUARANTEE that your Hotel Precisely Cleans & Sanitizes EVERYTIME CLEANtracker runs on the Multi-Patented Touch & Discover™ Platform It is the ULTIMATE Edge over ANY Competition Guests Don’t Want Promises, They Want Certainty What is CLEANtracker Technology? How Easy is it to get CLEANtrackerUp & Running in your Hotel? Why is CLEANtracker Technology the Ultimate […]

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Employee Efficiency

TNDEmployeeEfficiency Every Hotel Process is made up of Steps Introducing the 1-Step Solutionthat goes Beyond Employee Efficiency 1-Step Usage Employees simply Touch their mobile device to the NFC CHIP ONLY in the Process/Steps Sequence Management has Exactly Defined 1-Step Setup Simply place the tiny NFC Chip in sequence for ANY Hotel Process Example Hotel Room Floor Plan […]

Employee Assistive Intelligence

TNDEmployeeAssistiveIntelligence QUESTION How often do Guests arrive early and demand their room right away? How often do Guests create a spill or mess somewhere on your property? How often do Guest requests pile up creating a domino effect of delays? According to Fast Company Magazine – Basex Research Study Such examples and more, create unseen […]

Employee Accountability

TND Employee Accountability Proven to Increase Service Speed by an AVERAGE of * 16 % *Based on Commercial Pilot The 2018 Workplace Accountability Study revealed that 82% of Managers have NO tools to hold employees accountable. 91% of Managers rank the need for employee Accountabilityat the top of their needs they want to develop in […]


CleanTracker Technology ServiceRequestTechnology Employee Efficiency Employee Accountability Employee Assistive Intelligence Imagine a technology that ACTUALLY Reduces Employee Turnover, Decreases Overhead Costs, Stops Repetitive Mistakes, Lowers Employee Stress Levels, Increases Speed of Service, Raises Revenues, Ends Quality Degradation, Increases Efficiency, Lessens the Need for Oversight, Promotes Faster Job Completion, Minimizes Sick Days, Enhances Employee Engagement, Increase […]