Patented Service Pager Technology

A mobile technology that let's you interact with your customers like never before.  A customer simply taps their phone to a paper thin NFC tag you place on any surface.  Instantly an application opens allowing them to type their request to your employees.  Best of all is that the confirmation system guarantees your employee gets to your customer or the system tells you about it.  That truly automates employee management.

First Artificial Intelligence (AI) Designed for Hospitality

First off, if you think Artificial Intelligence is complex and too technical for the average manager, then throw out all your misconceptions.

What makes our Artificial Intelligence DIFFERENT, is that it all takes 3 Steps or Less. With ZERO programing, so your managers, department heads, and executives can easily teach the Hospitality AI how to do your business.

This Artificial Intelligence understand the conversation between your customer and your employees.  Allowing you an infinite number of possibilities for routing requests to the right employee, creating interactive upselling, and limited only by your imagination.

Our AI can truly make anything possible for your business.


Zero Worry Technology

When it comes to technology in hospitality, your business tends to worry about 4 key things. Cost, Integration, Education, and Ease of Use.

Cost - Our technology isn't the only thing we've innovated.  We have also innovated the business model, meaning it will cost you as little as nothing based on our IROI strategy with our customers, or Instant Return On Investment.  We make money ONLY when you make money.

Integration - We have developed what we call Instant Integration technology that allows you to be commercially ready in as little as 30 minutes.  With a true standalone system that requires ZERO Integration.

Education - Try it and you will find that this technology is truly intuitive, requiring a near ZERO learning curve for both your customers and your employees.

Ease of Use - Forget about IT Departments or getting some high school kid to handle your technology.  Everything in the system is designed to take 3 Steps or less to do.  So if you know how to email, you are already technologically more advanced than what's required of this technology.

The 1st Smart Menu

Imagine a menu that was Smart, Really Smart.  A Menu where a guest asks, and it shows them exactly what they are looking for.

Imagine a Menu that is so smart, it customizes itself, so that a Vegan sees one version of your menu, while a Rabbi sees a different version of that same menu.  All customized instantly, to their restrictions and requirements.

Imagine a Menu that is so smart, it can even SAVE your guests LIFE.

And that's just a small taste of what is possible with Menu Intelligence technology.


Advanced Marketing Technologies

With 17 different elements for Marketing, including cutting edge new technologies for up selling, this technology creates a whole new world of possibilities to driving increased sales and increased profits.  It is the first technology to give the hospitality industry true impulse buying.  And for the first time as well, a new technology called "Influencer" lets you influence a customers purchase of any service or product, at the moment of purchase.

Patented Quantum Security

Not simply next generation Security Privacy but a new generation of Security Privacy.  Based on a renowned patented technology, and considered by the largest security company in the world as "the most ground breaking Security Technology in a Decade".

Gives you absolute confidence in the Security Privacy of your customers, and near ZERO liability for your business.

Quantum Security Icon

Make it Look & Feel like your Business

You spend a great deal of time and effort to make your business Look & Feel a certain way.  Because the ambiance is as important as the service.  Yet most technology for hospitality comes in black or black.

Our technology is designed to Look, Feel, and MOST importantly Work like your business does.  And it only takes a few minutes to make it so.