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Our Story

We are a Miami Startup, with a global mission. Just as our names states, we wanted to Create Revolutions.  And revolutions in all of history were started by the people and for the people. So it began. We decided to focus on creating technology that enhances the human element, instead of replacing it.  Today we are the global leader in NFC or Near Field Communication technology for the Hospitality Industry.

Our Approach

We create Revolutionary, NOT Evolutionary technology, for the hospitality industry.  Our approach is radically different than any technology today in hospitality.  We don't use technology to replace the human element.  We use technology to enhance the human element.

All this, while making technology truly user friendly by making every aspect of the system, work in 3 Steps or less.  So literally anyone can use it.

A key differentiator of our technology is that we let you be in control, making it Look, Feel, and most importantly Work like your business does today.

So we change nothing, but make everything better.