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Step 1 - Customers communicate to an Employee instantaneously from anywhere on property your NFC tag is located. Request are translated from 100+  languages.


Step 2 - Communication done right. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) send requests to the Right Employee for the Customer’s needs.


Step 3 - Because the Right Employee isn’t enough, our TND NFC Employee Card confirms to Management which Employee reached the Customer and how long it took to complete the request.

Touch & Discover™

The first mobile technology to offer transformative customer interaction and truly automates employee management.  Yet every aspect of the system takes 3 Steps or less, so it's easy for anyone to use.  This commercial grade system uses instant integration technology to be up in running in minutes, offering a true standalone system, requiring no infrastructure integration, meaning NO IT Department HEADACHES.

With over 100 cutting edge features and capabilities, it is truly Revolutionary.

This is a view of the poolside service at Cabo Azul Resort.