Revolutionize the way
your Hotel Manages Staff & Communicates with Guests

Touch & Discoverâ„¢

Touch & Discover is a multi-patented mobile technology platform, designed specifically for the Hotel Industry. It revolutionizes your Hotel by offering truly immersive Guest Communication and the first technology to actually automate Employee Management.

Learn more about our 3 groundbreaking products below.

THREE Unique Service Technologies

Communicator eCards

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A patented mobile communication technology that balances Innovation in
Guest Communication, while never sacrificing Hotel and Guest Security or Privacy.

Service Pager

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A patented technology that truly automates Employee Management with a ZERO learning curve and is up and running in minutes.
Proven to increase efficiency by 53%.

Smart Connect

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A patented technology that is decades ahead of Text Messaging or Chat. Experience the most transformational way to Communicate with Guests.